This is part of my part of the ongoing listings, some done by many different groups, organizations, and individuals -- some more, some less -- of some of the known gay, lesbian, intersex, bisexual, or transgender (GLIBT) people who have been murdered or bashed because of it. People are also included if it is known that they were murdered or bashed because they were thought to be GLIBT.
Gender identities -- such as intersex (is it easier to understand if I write intergender?) human beings, as well as females, those who crossdress for degrees of “performance” purposes, transsexuals, males, transvestites (heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual), intentional blenders or genderfuckers -- are separate from sexual orientation or affectional orientation.
People of any blend of gender identity or no specific gender identity can be het, gay, bisexual, asexual, celibate.
Those perpetrating the attacks, beatings, bashings and murders commonly ignore these distinctions, and will kill a heterosexual transgender woman while calling her a “gay faggot.”
We’ll include all GLIBTs here. We use the inclusive word, “Queers” also, which we see as a popular “Fuck you, het supremacists!” shorthand word.
For me, doing these listings began shortly after Matthew Shepard, who was selected as an easy target for robbery because he was gay, who was stalked and approached where and how he was because he was gay, and who was brutalized and tortured to death with complete disregard for his humanity and died because he was gay.
The Wayback Machine, run by the Internet Archive, has been very helpful as a source in retrieving some of this information through old versions of two of my old websites, (non-commercial domain name and website lost by accident in 2010). Recently, going through the earliest versions of all the way back to FIGHT (Fight IGnorant Het Trash), my first “GLIBT-agenda-promoting” equality advocacy site, brought memories suspended in time of many of our lost and wounded.

As far as site standards go, there is no sense in doing this inaccurately; that could be worse than not doing it, so what is included is accurate (or we will change it). Please don’t imagine that the people listed on this site as I try to piece it back together and add to it, or the names of others, recorded elsewhere by anyone, are all that there are. These are not. Even after beatings, torture, and in death, some people and some families choose to remain silent and don't report the factual circumstances.
Almost all of them, from throughout history and going forward, will never be known.

Please Send: Pictures of murdered or bashed GLIBT people, stories, information about, and links to people's cases which I can verify or report as unverified, and relevant videos for possible inclusion.

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