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Who the heck am I and why am I doing this? Seems kind of creepy and intrusive.

Others have also done this and will do this. No one is currently maintaining these kinds of lists (that I know of). I have time now so I will do some more, with the intention of collating them here from my scattered websites. It’s messy but it’s an honest effort to note and honor these people.

I’m not unbiased and I don’t pretend to be objective, just factual. Any accompanying commentary is meant to be obvious opinion, separate from the facts.

I start from a place where I know from experience that almost no one realizes the frequency and rage involved with the anti-GLIBT murders and bashings -- not just in the U.S.A. or Uganda or Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan -- but in every country around the world.

This rage is not a “natural” phenomenon, nor has it ever been successful of ridding humanity of us, or successful in preventing our expressions of love and sexuality.

I cannot stop these murders and bashings. I won't live long enough to see this artificially high number of attacks end. I can best help, I believe, by recording some of them. Mainly those in the U.S.A.

With time, the weight of the names and faces might do their own work.

Recognition of our equality is inevitable, because the arc of time bends toward justice (no I did not create that sentence, I believe it is a mangled paraphrase of a statement by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.).

I’ve been doing this recording on and off since around 1990, and have lost many hours’ work several times over, so this is no archive of great size at all. I’ve been through several computer systems and crashes, along with losing access to any computer and the Internet for long periods of time.

The Wayback Machine, run by the Internet Archive, has been very helpful in retrieving some of this information through old versions of UsQueers.com and through there all the way back to FIGHT.

FIGHT was my first “GLIBT-agenda-promoting” equality advocacy site. They’ve all been personally handmade and maintained (obviously), non-commercial and of dubious value to anyone except me.

FIGHT (Fight IGnorant Het Trash) had the most ads --click-thru ads from affiliate advertisers. Never made a dime anyway, so after that I just dropped them.

This important work is being done around the Internet by people at different levels of organization, ability and funding. That's great, because even if we work from dawn to dusk, we will never be able to write down all of those who have been murdered or bashed because they were -- or were perceived to be -- gay, lesbian, intersex, bisexual and transgender people.

The trigger for me was all the times certain people would repeat how rarely these happen, so we damn near jumped up and down over pretty-boy Matthew Shepard hitting the news. We made him a “martyr” because he gave good face.

Every police department throughout the nation should have standardized forms for recording bias crimes which reflect that police department’s requirements for the recording of bias crimes. These forms should be used all the way from the federal level down to the individual level, and copies of the reports should go all the way back up to the FBI, as required by law.

We endure these bias crimes, a suspect class targeting by our perceived or actual gender identity or sexual orientation (specific crimes which must be proven through sworn testimony and evidence in court) in addition to all of the same crimes everyone faces, for all the same reasons.

There is no sense in doing this kind of information recording inaccurately, that’s worse than not doing it.

Please send verifiable pictures of GLIBT people who have been murdered or bashed. Send additional information about cases which can be verified. Send tips for follow-up. Send relevant video for possible inclusion. Links or materials to me, Allan.

B. Allan Ross, ballanross@removethisgmail.com


Later version of 1995 poster I made for a San Diego protest and also carried in the Dyke March that year.

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