School Cuts Gay Student from Yearbook
by Adam Lynch
Courtesy ACLU
Apr 26 2010

Wesson Attendance Center student Ceara Sturgis, who is gay, learned on Friday that school officials did not place her in the 2010 yearbook.

Ceara Sturgis When Veronica Rodriguez opened Wesson Attendance Center’s Yearbook on Friday, she didn't find a trace of her lesbian daughter Ceara Sturgis with the rest of the classes’ portraits after a long battle with school officials to include a photo of her daughter wearing a tuxedo in the school’s 2010 yearbook.

“They didn’t even put her name in it,” Sturgis’ mother Veronica Rodriguez said. “I was so furious when she told me about it. Ceara started crying and I told her to suck it up. Is that not pathetic for them to do that? Yet again, they have crapped on her and made her feel alienated.”
Update Apr 29 2010:
Sturgis’ baby picture did appear in pages following the portrait pages with her name beside it, Rodriguez told the Jackson Free Press. She was also pictured several times in other sections of the yearbook, in soccer-team photographs, National Honor Society and other sections. “If she wasn’t in those groups, she wouldn’t be there,” her mother said.

A photograph her mother took of her in her tuxedo appears on a page purchased by her family. “I don’t think there was anything they could do about that; I purchased that,” Rodriguez said of the purchased Senior Page.

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