International Murdered and Bashed Gay, Lesbian, Intersex, Bisexual and Transgender People 

VID: Uganda Really Wants To Try To Kill All Non-Heterosexuals

May 11, 2011

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African homophobia - A legacy of colonialism

May 19, 2010
It's a shame that so many Africans are still trusting any variety of opportunists and confidence men from the U.S.A.

All the while those violence- and horror-based wolves in shepherd's clothes violate the minds and lives of generation after generation of countries on the African continent.

To me, Peter Tatchell is an international hero, especially for the breadth of his human rights work.

This is an informational alert. Thanks to exported U.S. neo-Christian nationalism, May in Uganda will be ext...
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'Gay panic defense' fails two men jailed for Maryborough churchyard bashing death of heterosexual Wayne Ruks, 45, in Maryborough, Australia

May 13, 2010

Men jailed for Maryborough churchyard bashing death

By Andree Withey

May 13 2010

Two men convicted of bashing a man to death in the grounds of a Maryborough Church have been jailed.

Wayne Ruks, 45, died from internal bleeding after he was bashed in the grounds of St Mary’s Catholic Church in Maryborough in July 2008.

Jason Pearce and Richard Meerdink were convicted of his manslaughter.

The court heard Pearce claimed he and Meerdink assaulted Mr. Ruks because he made a homosexual advance t...

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Lawmakers and 1,000 protesters attack first Lithuanian Pride Parade

May 9, 2010
Lithuania's first gay pride march draws protests

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — Opponents of Lithuania’s first gay pride parade threw smoke bombs and tried to break through a barrier Saturday but were stopped by police firing tear gas.

Later, protesters threw rocks and street signs at security forces, and two Lithuanian lawmakers were detained after trying to climb the barrier.

About 400 people took part in the two-hour march — dubbed “For Equality” — in ...

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International Murdered and Bashed GLIBT People

April 23, 2010
International Murdered and Bashed GLIBT People

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